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Careers diverted or thwarted

All too often, an accuser of workplace sexual harassment or assault becomes a victim of discrimination in advancement in their career, or other means of derailing a career.  Take the case of Jessica Casucci, a partner in Ernst & Young's New York office. In her complaint alleging discrimination and retaliation filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Casucci accused fellow partner John Martinkat of sexually assaulting her in front of two other male partners in a bar in 2015.

Casucci said in the complaint that Ernst & Young did not take action against Martinkat, but asked her to speak to an outside employment defense lawyer it had hired, and refused to promise that the interview would not be used in litigation. Casucci said she was forced to "rebuild her entire book of business from scratch" to avoid working with Martinkat.

"Ms. Casucci's career trajectory and earning potential have been adversely impacted, while (Ernst & Young) has made sure that Mr. Martinkat's career has not been affected at all," the complaint said.

A nurse at UCSF had a similar impact when her sexual harassment complaints were finally substantiated. “All of my allegations were substantiated, and I thought this nightmare was going to end. But I couldn’t have been more wrong.
While most of the perpetrators received promotions, I received a demotion. I’ve been ostracized and had my job responsibilities taken away, and I was placed on unpaid leave. The list goes on.UCSF administration get to go on with their lives, while I struggle financially and emotionally, having to deal with the internal scars that were created by the very people who vow to protect us. I refuse to be pushed out of a place that I hold so dear to my heart.”

Lawsuit brought by Iowa Republican Senate Caucus communications director, Kirsten Anderson. She was fired hours after filing a sexual harassment complaint against the Senate Majority Chair in Des Moines, IA, which led to a wrongful termination lawsuit.

$1.75 million settlement reached in Iowa Senate sex harassment lawsuit

It is critically important that you get proper representation on your side when raising complaints to protect your career.

California employees can contact Attorney Deborah Barron if they believe they have a sexual harassment case.

Successful Film & TV Producer & Homegrown Filmmaker To Screen His New Film At Sacramento International Film Festival

A product of Davis High
, and CSU Sacramento, where he majored in Journalism, former Sacramentan, Matt Dearborn has been enjoying a 30-year successful career in Hollywood as a Director, Writer and Producer of a string of hit TV series and individual programs. 

On Saturday, April 28th, Dearborn returns to Sacramento with a screening of “Bubble.” The short film, which is featured in this year’s Sacramento International Film Festival, (written and directed by Dearborn), screens at  The Delta King Theater in Old Sac. Bubble tells the story of a romantic relationship developed and nurtured by social media and explores new ways to define romantic obsession involving courtship, “stalking,” voyeurism and intimacy.

Its an absurdist love story. Boy stalks girl. Girl stalks boy. And they live happily ever after, sort of.”
—Matt Dearborn

stable of young, experienced actors make up the ensemble, including:

—AJ Michalka/A series regular on ABC’s #1 Comedy-The Goldbergs and roles in J.J. Abrams’ film Super 8 and the film, The Lovely Bones.

Graham Patrick Martin/A series regular on TNT’s Major Crimes and Two and a Half Men

“Sacramento is where I call home. It’s where I met the people who shaped me, and I look forward to returning, reuniting with some of those same influences.”
—Matt Dearborn

***The Sacramento International Film Festival takes place from April 21 through April 29 at various times and locations.  Please visit californiafilm.net for specific screening times and locations.

Matt Dearborn Bio
 As a creator and storyteller, Matt Dearborn has a long track record of accurately assessing the ever-changing television marketplace. He has developed, pitched and sold original pilot ideas to every major network in Hollywood including, FOX, HBO, NBC and CBS.
Additionally, Mr. Dearborn has also written over 100 episodes of television, across a broad spectrum of genres. Night time dramas: Beverly Hills, 90210Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Early Edition.  Primetime comedy: Parker Louis Can’t Lose, Breaking In and even science fiction:  Eerie, Indiana and Sliders
But it’s in the children’s space that Mr. Dearborn has become an essential element. Starting with Even Stevens where he discovered an 11-year old Shia LaBeouf (Transformers), Mr. Dearborn has created and executive produced shows for the 4 biggest kids network; Cartoon, Nick, Disney and CTW.
His fast-paced, absurdist comic style has earned Dearborn Emmy Award nominations and a BAFTA Award for Outstanding International Series.  Other accolades include nominations for the NAACP’s Image Award and the prestigious Environment Media Award. 
Currently Mr. Dearborn is Exec. Producing Fast Layne for Disney (based on Herbie: The Love Bug) and developing Holes for television with Walden Media.

You too?

The challenges of getting a just resolution to a complaint of sexual harassment in the workplace are perceived by the victim/survivor as nearly insurmountable. The perceived power of the employer machine can make it seem best to just 'shut up and get over it'. That just doesn't work. The victim/survivor has been defiled and may have to face the harasser or others that may be aware to the crime frequently. Like salt in a wound, this increases the pain, and the 'survival' action seems to be just to leave the scene. Careers and be tossed in the junk heap, dreams of better life are dashed away.

Trouble is, this makes the harassment 'ok', and it makes likely further harassment on others. That makes the victim/survivor a sort-of accomplice, by silence alone.

The me-too movement has demonstrated the near-institutionalization of sexual harassment in certain fields: the Casting Couch, the and it's corollary in any industry is a means of minimizing the power and control of the individual and potentially threatening their future in a field of endeavor.

One group formed in Sacramento, California, called We Said Enough. Their website features many instances of harassment and abuse in the California State Capitol. The common theme is that speaking up has danger to future effectiveness and employment. It is a big price to pay for justice. https://www.wesaidenough.com/stories
As this site says, “We have endured, witnessed, or worked with people who have experienced some form of degrading behavior by those with power in our workplaces. They have groped us and touched us without our consent. They have made inappropriate comments about our bodies and our abilities. Insults and gross innuendo, frequently disguised as jokes, have undermined our professional positions and capabilities. They have made promises, or threats, about our jobs in exchange for our compliance, or our silence. They have leveraged their power and positions to treat us however they would like."

Harassment has been exposed all across the world:
In a case in India, the Prime Minister (Chief Justice) was criticized for how he handled a complaint of harassment by a District Judge (HC) who was up for appointment to a higher court. The inquiry into how the complaint was handled seemed itself to become a political, jurisdictional football. The accuser said in her complaint to the PM that she was not asked any questions on her allegations by any authority from the District Court (HC) or the Supreme Court (SC).

Cases have emerged in China, Egypt, Ecuador, Kenya and Pakistan … one international organization has raised the point that “we should not only recognize that the producer’s couch in L.A. can be a dangerous place, but also imagine what it is like on the factory floor in Cairo." http://time.com/5192406/metoo-international-womens-day-care/

The media have made a big splash of the high profile cases. Hey, it sells papers, draws attention to websites, sells advertising! But what about just YOU? Are YOU up to having your face splashed all over the place, continually reminding you of the abuse you have already suffered? The harasser is typically flanked and represented by others that appear to have greater power than the victim/survivor. It is critical to have someone speak FOR the victim/survivor, someone who can stand up to the powerful forces and not be intimidated.

While the governments of the world tackle the legislatve questions, each individual case deserves it's justice. Don't stand alone.


One of the best urban trails in the country - The American River Parkway

It’s so easy to forget about one of our region’s great treasures — the American River Bike Trail — or more properly, the Jedediah Smith Memorial Bicycle Trail, accessible from Discovery Park at the Garden Highway. The American River Bike Trail hugs the banks of the American River as it flows through riparian habitat preserved by the American River Parkway. The trail runs for 32 miles between Discovery Park in Old Sacramento and Folsom Lake's southwestern banks at Beal's Point.

The trail has been in the news for several reasons. The Jibboom Street Bridge, in Discovery Park, right on the edge of Old Sacramento, has been closed since they are repairing the 1931 bridge and it’s not scheduled to open until May 31. In 2017, there were safety concerns due to violence along the trail. Most of the activity happened in the first four or five miles where increasing numbers of homeless people were living. Sacramento Supervisors last August approved a $5 million plan to beef up patrols along the parkway and clean up homeless encampments after dozens of citizens packed the chambers. Sacramento is creating more options for homeless people. Mayor Steinberg hopes to keep open a winter triage warehouse that houses more than 250 people and create more centers.

This year on the trail, there is a regular presence of rangers. They even staff an information table handing out excellent free trail maps that mark phones, rest rooms, camp sites, picnic areas and vehicle access with parking. It is recommended to have a partner on the trail.

You feel like you are in wilderness much of the time. Along the trail we saw deer, turkey, squirrels, egrets and ducks — many bird species. Great horned owl and hawks are very visible in the just-leafing-out trees. In the past I have seen coyote, otters, salmon spawning and coveys of California quail. One year on March 31, pipevine swallowtail butterflies were in profusion along all 32 miles of the trail.

The Southern Maidu lived along that trail as long as 3,000 years ago. Jedidiah Smith was the first explorer to come over the mountains and reach California in 1827. He was impressed with the turbulence of the river and the grizzly. You’ll find the location of John Sutter’s grist mill.

Take advantage of one of the best urban trails in the country.

The two-lane trail is completely paved, with mile markers, trailside maps, water fountains, restrooms and telephones along the way. There are also plenty of places to stop to eat, rest or enjoy the scenery. Most of the trail is shaded and level, although the route does traverse some rolling terrain. Along the way you'll pass through several parks and swimming areas, as well as through the suburban enclaves of Sacramento.

About 2 miles of the trail is on-road in a designated bike lane. In addition, the popular trail is shared by many different users, including in-line skaters and equestrians.

Check out the dining options along the Garden Highway, like Chevy's and Crawdad's after your ride.

Excerpted from the Davis Enterprise Column, Jean Jackman, At The Pond; and TrailLink by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. Brought to you by Barron Law http://lawbarron.com/

Greater Sacramento Farmers' Markets

Sacramentans are lucky to have several choices when buying fresh flowers, fruit, and vegetables from Northern California farmers. A popular way to buy the agricultural bounty of the Central Valley is at local farmers markets peppered throughout the city and outlying areas. A few are open all year long, while others are seasonal, mostly opening in May and running through October. Some are morning markets, while others operate in the afternoon.


Kaiser Permanente, Point West
1650 Response Rd, Sacramento
Monday, 9:30am – 2pm, February – December


Fremont Park
15th & P St, Sacramento
Tuesday, 10am – 1:30 pm, May – September

Roosevelt Park CFM
940 P St, Sacramento
Tuesday, 10am – 1:30pm, May – September


Chavez Plaza CFM
950 J St, Sacramento
Wednesday, 10am – 1:30pm, May – October


Capital Mall CFM
600 Capital Mall, Sacramento
Thursday, 10am – 1:30pm, May – September

Florin Sears CFM
5901 Florin Rd, Sacramento
Thursday, 8am – 12pm, year round

Natomas Regional Park
2501 New Market Dr, Sacramento
Thursday, 4pm – 7pm, June – August

Orangevale Farmers Market
9295 Greenback Ln, Orangevale
Thursday, 4pm – 8pm, May – October


Kaiser Permanente, Morse Ave
2025 Morse Ave, Sacramento
Friday, 9:30am – 2pm, February – December

Mack Rd Valley Hi Farmers Market
6100 Mack Rd, Sacramento
Friday, 8:30am – 1:30pm, May 20th - October

Market at Power Inn
3009 Power Inn Rd, Sacramento
Friday, 10am – 2pm, April – October


Country Club Plaza
2400 Butano Dr, Sacramento
Saturday, 8am – 12pm, year round

East Sacramento Farmer’s Market
35th & Parkway, Sacramento
Saturday, 8am – 1pm, year round

Historic Folsom Farmers Market
915 Sutter St, Folsom
Saturday, 8am – 1pm, year round

Laguna Gateway CFM
8245 Laguna Blvd, Elk Grove
Saturday, 8am – 12pm, year round

Midtown Farmers Market
20th St between J & K St, Sacramento
Saturday, 8am – 1pm, year round

Natomas Promenade CFM
3637 N. Freeway Blvd, Sacramento
Saturday, 8am – 12pm, May – September

Oak Park Farmers Market
3500 5th Ave, Sacramento
Saturday, 9am – 1pm, May - November

Sunrise Light Rail CFM
11164 Folsom Blvd, Rancho Cordova
Saturday, 8am – 12pm, year round

Sunrise Mall Farmers Market
6196 Sunrise Blvd, Citrus Heights
Saturday, 8am – 1pm, year round


Carmichael Park Farmers Market
5750 Grant Ave, Carmichael
Sunday, 9am – 2pm, year round

Central CFM
800 W St, Sacramento
Sunday, 8am – 12pm, year round

Land Park Farmers Market
3800 S Land Park Dr, Sacramento
Sunday, 9am – 1pm, year round

Old Town Elk Grove Farmers Market
9615 Railroad Ave, Elk Grove
Sunday, 9am – 1pm, year round

Sponsor the Sacramento Santa Parade

Become a Sponsor Take part in this fantastic event that supports the Gifts to Share 501 C3 organization founded to help Sacramento area children's arts program, so affected by cutbacks in our region. We have a variety of sponsorship opportunities like: enter a float, on-site marketing, parade route signage, entry into the parade, internet exposure, VIP parade viewing...these are just some of the myriad of opportunities available. Please help us keep one of Sacramento's greatest traditions vibrant and make your business a part of a holiday memory sure to last all year long. See ya in December!
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