Burgers Your Kids Will Love

Now that we're in shelter in place barbecue season, Sacramento burger lovers might want to brush up on some recipes the kids or grandkids will love, too. Here are some takes on the ever-popular burger that will be a hit with the whole fam.

Mexican Style Chicken Sliders

Jalepenos brings a lil spice to the bun. Using healthy ground chicken, we've added chopped jalapeño chiles (which can be adjusted for your offsprings' taste buds) and Monterey Jack cheese to complement the meat.

Sunshine burgers

Our simple sunshine burgers are definitely one for the kids to get involved with making. These little burger bites use a crispy cornflake coating to add some extra crunch to your patties. The kids can learn the shaping technique and bake up their very own delicious burgers – add on all the traditional trimmings and plenty of ketchup for a sensational dinner.

Tuna sweetcorn burgers

These low-fat tuna sweetcorn burgers make a tasty alternative to beef – just leave off the chilli salsa for the children. This flexible recipe is easily doubled if you need to cater for a crowd. You can also turn the mixture into meatballs to serve with pasta if you have any left over. Kids will love this classic flavour combination.

French Onion Dip Burgers

Who doesn't love french onion soup dip? Here, it marries an American burger: Caramelized onions get mixed with sour cream, then piled on top along with ridged chips. There are many versions of this burger out there, this one gets my vote for the ultimate. The onions and beef consomme really make it.

Mini chicken bagel burgers

These mini chicken bagel burgers are great for parties, or sized up for a family dinner. You can double the ingredients or halve them depending on the size of the crowd you're catering for. Be prepared for requests for seconds – these mini bites are perfect for little palates.

New England Turkey Burgers

The turkey burger itself tastes like Thanksgiving stuffing, and the jazzed-up whole-berry cranberry sauce on top is tangy-licious!

Crispy fish burgers

Upgrade everyone's favourite fish finger sandwich and make our crispy sesame fish burger with lashings of zesty lime mayo. The adaptable recipe means you can use pieces of cod, haddock or pollock for your base. Pile on slices of creamy avocado to go with your crunchy coated fish, and enjoy!

Cheeseburger & chips

It's true that homemade beats shop-bought every time, and our cheeseburgers & chips make a fabulously filling family dinner. Use lean beef mince with a sprinkling of cheddar and a splash of Worcestershire sauce for a sweet and savoury tang – leave out the chilli if the kids aren't fans of spice. Serve with chunky chips and lashings of ketchup.

Green burgers

Break away from beef and try something a little different. These vibrant, verdant veggie burgers are craftily packed with spinach, but we guarantee you won't hear any complaints from the little ones. Our easy green burgers are easy to throw together and are delicious served with a dollop of ketchup and some sweet potato fries. They're even freezable if you want to make them in bulk for a future speedy supper.

Falafel burgers

Our easy falafel patties are deliciously filling with a spoonful of hummus. Simply whizz everything up in a food processor, then fry your burgers until golden. You'll most likely have the ingredients to hand languishing in your kitchen cupboards. If you have an extra 10 minutes, try making our quick hummus.

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