Localvore on Time

Time – your most expensive cost of car maintenance.

Not the mechanic's time, but YOURS. Have you factored this in when you consider getting something as simple as an oil change? I hadn't until recently. I have been reluctant to buy everything online, because I LIKE to support local businesses. I think it is good for the local economy, provides jobs, contributes to local taxes, etc. However, there are things which are local AND convenient. What a concept!

Local grocery stores now have delivery or drive-up services. I haven't tried that yet, but I have a home-bound friend who has, and it makes a world of difference to her. I have ordered printer ink and a few other commodities online, reluctantly, but price and time and hassle weighed into my equation of 'cost'.

So what about car maintenance services? A friend had a service come to her for an oil change, right at her home, which is also her work site. No hassle, no lost time from work, and reasonable price. The company also offered to replace her tires at her Sacramento home! Now, that saves some serious TIME, and hassle and money.

It makes a big difference to me to support a local Sacramento business, particularly an independent local company. This business owner has kids in Sacramento area schools, supports local churches and charities, votes locally, pays taxes locally. Yup. I am a localvore. Why not?!

This is my home and I want it to thrive. My clients are mostly from here, and while I may transmit my work online, we still have coffee together and have face-to-face meetings. That kind of contact builds trust and confidence. I really don't have heart for people in some other country that advertise shoes and fashions just because a searched for a show store! When I search for Sacramento Tire Shops, I am so glad that there are service providers here.

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