Best Use of My Precious Time

Summer may not have been the most relaxing time we think it is, but now the activity really flares!
School's back in session. Get everybody up, dressed and fed. Drive kids to school, rush to work. Meet with a prospective client over lunch. Back to the office to draft an Annual Report and then off to a staff meeting. Rush out to pick the kids up from two schools, take them to soccer practice and dance class and a scout meeting, then rush home to prepare dinner. Time to relax? No way - it's off to a PTA meeting. Whew, now head home to clean the kitchen, tuck everyone in, and get to bed. Who has time for an oil change? You NEED your car every day, all day.

Even those drive-thru activities aren't so convenient: Drive to them, wait in line, get it done, drive back to work, grab some noxious fast-food lunch on the fly. Not the best use of my precious time!

A friend told me about a company she know that does oil changes where she is, they come to her! She said she found out about then when she had a flat tire, actually a damaged tire, at work in the parking lot. A coworker told her about Premier Mobile Tire. The came to her and replaced her tires, right there while she was working!

I need and oil change NOW, and probably need some tires soon. It is time to get acquainted with those guys! Whatever it takes to unburden some of my life is worth it! Hey, though, I heard they weren't even more expensive that the average. Who are those guys, again? Yeah, Premier Mobile Tire. I will be calling them now, so gotta go!
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